1: 名無しさん必死だな 2018/02/13(火) 13:54:35.50

I’ve got something I want to tell you all. It’s about Bayonetta 3. (1/15)

We are a developer that creates games by signing contracts with publishers and receiving funds from them in order to cover development costs. (2/15)

For Bayonetta 1, we signed a contract with Sega and received funds from them, then we proposed a design for the game and entered production.
All of the rights belong to Sega. (3/15)

At the time, our company had only just been established, and we weren’t properly equipped for multiplatform development, so after discussing with Sega, we decided to develop the game exclusively for Xbox 360. (4/15)

However, after that, one of Sega’s trading partners ended up making a port for PS3, at Sega’s behest.
More recently, they also decided that a Steam version should be developed, which was released last year.
Sega owns the rights to all of these versions. (5/15)


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